What Do These Health Sharing Terms Mean?

Here are some specific health share terms and definitions.

Remember, all these terms and more can be found in the OneShare Health Member Guidebooks and Resource Hub, which are available for reference at any time!

Date of Service: The date on which a health care service was provided.

Eligible for Sharing: The amount of the charge for medical services or supplies provided according to the terms in the Membership Guidelines, approved for sharing, according to the terms in the Membership guidelines, and whose sharing need amount does not exceed the Program Limits.

Emergency Room (ER): Emergency Room Services for stabilization or initiation of treatment of a medical emergency for Life Threatening or Life Altering conditions provided on an Outpatient basis at a Hospital.

Equivalent / Alternative Care: Non-experimental health care treatment which may deliver care that is more cost-effective, less invasive and within generally accepted medical practice, may be Eligible for Sharing. Prior approval is required from OneShare Health.

Explanation of Sharing (EOS): A statement sent to the Member and Provider with an explanation of OneShare Health’s assignment to Member’s sharing of medical expenses submitted.

Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM): A ministry that facilitates the sharing of medical expenses among its Members and that meets the requirements under 26 USC Sec. 5000A(d)(2)(B)(ii). These Members must hold to a common set of religious and ethical beliefs.

Individual Sharing Amount (ISA): The amount that a Member is responsible for paying before the medical expenses are Eligible for Sharing under the Program.

Maximum Reasonable Guideline: For a Member using an Out-of-Network Provider or Facility, the Maximum Reasonable Guideline is the allowed charge made for eligible medical services, drugs, procedures, supplies, or treatment generally furnished for cases of comparable severity and nature in the geographical area in which the services, drugs, procedures, supplies or treatment are furnished.

Monthly Contribution Amount: A Monthly Contribution is the monetary contribution voluntarily given to share in another Member’s medical expense needs assigned by OneShare Health according to the Sharing Guidelines and for the administration and charitable initiatives of OneShare Health.

Pre-Existing Condition 24/24: Pre-Existing Condition means any sickness or injury for which a Member received medical treatment, advice, care or services including diagnostic measures, took prescribed drugs or showed signs and symptoms, whether treated or not, within 24 months before the Member’s Effective Date of their Program. Eligibility for a Pre-Existing Condition has a 24-month Waiting Period.

Unless stated otherwise in the Eligible Sharing Descriptions and Limits, there is a 90-Day Waiting Period for any medical expenses other than for Accidents, Injuries, acute Illnesses or Immunizations. Pre-Existing Condition Limitations and Program Guidelines will apply.

Shared Services: The types of medical needs shared by Members and how OneShare Health functions to facilitate that sharing.

Urgent Care: Services provided by a licensed Urgent Care Facility for the diagnosis, treatment, or management of an Eligible illness or injury serious enough that a Member would seek care right away, but not so severe as to require Hospital emergency room care.

Visit Fee: This is a fee paid by the Member for specified services as outlined by the Membership Guidelines.

Health Care Sharing Terms and HCSM Definitions for OneShare Health Members

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Health Care Sharing Terms and HCSM Definitions for OneShare Health Members

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Health Care Sharing Terms and HCSM Definitions for OneShare Health Members